The Dawn’s Light

I awakened to the morning glow of your warm skin

To the raspy, well-rested tenor in your voice

I arose to the percolating coffee aroma, and

I ran wild in my mind through nerves and noise

Do I belong in this embrace of your strength?

Do I deserve the beating heart of your love?

Am I worth the gifts of your generosity?

As I sipped your coffee, I wondered if I’m enough

I curled my being under you like a shivering stray

I shouted silently for you to maintain my happiness

Did you hear my insecurity? My worry and past pain?

Sometimes what you don’t hear is what’s actually loudest

I fell beside you after lovemaking and promises

We spooned and caressed in the shadows of night

I don’t know our future, but I know that I’m here in this moment

And for every moment you allow me, or… until the dawn’s light.