I would have torn you with my bare hands

Had I wandered upon you, embraced with her

I would have gritted my teeth until they broke

Biting into hatred, I would soon acquire a taste for bitter


I would have screamed a thousand curses

Had I seen the gentle look you once gave me, given to her

I would have thrown rocks until you slowly bled

Now living my old life, and you moving on to things newer


I would have set fire to your soul and watched you burn to ash

Had I witnessed your caress on her cheek, that once was mine

I would have raged a war on the universe and the gods

For you offered yourself to temptation, and left me behind


I would have cried endless tears of sorrow and pain

Had I known the guilt behind your eyes and beating pulse

I would have pushed you off the roof and watched you crash below

So I could never again know that you love someone else.


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