I am not writing this note as your enemy
Nor do I write to you as a friend
Hidden truths unveiled for you
Not seen with eyes of your own unless, until… I dare press ‘send’

I love a man who loves you, calls you his own
Yet he brings to me his passion and burning desire
I should say no and turn him away
But I’m defeated by weakness, and here is where the stakes go higher

I’m not writing this to cause you sorrow
For I myself have been there too, oblivious and naive
The other woman does not matter without face or name
But truths find their way, regardless of what you choose to believe

I need him in a way that you do not
My own heartbreak, loneliness and utter despair
All lead me to his smile and charming ways
For him, I leave my groom, the man I married, for someone I must share

There is no logic, no excuse, no simple reason
Just two marriages teetering, living a lie
And our children on the cusp of marital doom
Betrayal exposed by my fingertips, and I cannot justly explain why

Maybe he appeared at the right moment, as I did for him
We selfishly harbor a secret love meant just for us
What good could come from revealing all, I wonder
There really is nothing to gain, so nothing to discuss

I write to you as your enemy and as your friend
I am your worst pain, unknown dormant in your gut
And I note that blissful, content lives could suddenly halt,
If my conscience should win, because no longer can I stay shut

But his arms hold me close, keeping me strong
His love nourishing my mind, my heart, my soul
My legs firm and tight around his torso
Together we are unleashed, we are brazen, we are whole

Intimate fantasies compelled into our reality
Without harm to anyone if kept discreet
So… I shall keep this secret… and keep it forever
And you shall never read these words, for it is with shame that I now press ‘delete.’


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