The seasons of love.
They come and they go.
They bid farewell to a torn heart.
Then usher in one that is new and robust.
One that is primed for a million tomorrows.

A life together. United.
The romance. The journey.
Brand new. Sweet and plentiful.
Magical nights under the stars.
Breathless. Weightless.
I fall in love. Again.

Eager. Awakened.
My unnerving anticipation.
Wondering. Can it be?
Is he the one?
Yes. I imagine he is.
Each and every time.

The new season quietly goes. As it does.
Brought me new joy.
New promise.
Fulfilled desires.
Re-opened a closed heart.
Healed the hurt. Broke down the wall.

Daily, I spoke of him.
I yearned for him.
I reached for him.
His power I denied. I discounted.
Clearly, he won.
He led me. Drew me in.
Helplessly, I stayed.
I stayed for him.
I stayed for me.
Thought it was to be.
I cried when he had proven me wrong.

Another season long gone.
The wind bellows.
I’m alone. But not done.
Just like the tree without its leaves. Bare.
Awaiting the new season.
Awaiting new leaves.
I look up. I command the heavens.
Through gray skies above.
Screaming aloud. In desperate wails.
What of the next time?
When is my season?
When is it promised?

You, whom I don’t yet know.
I ask of you.
May I stand beside you?
Will you want me there?
To love you. To love me?
To have and to hold?
To call me your wife. Make me family.
Will you cherish me? Honor me?
Tell me. So I will know.
Finally. That your love is true.

Please ask me.
So I won’t be lost still.
Beg me. Dare me to say it.
Take my hand, my heart.
Take all my tomorrows.
With your loyalty. Imbued in the ring.
The ring you choose for me.
I promise. I swear.
I will not waste a breath.
When I look at you. Longingly.
Through happy tears of mine.
With a song in my soul.
Intent in my eyes.
To you I shall whisper.

2 thoughts on “YES

  1. So beautiful and true of love! The revolving door, waiting for “the one” in the princess fairy tail. Great writing, totally pulled me into the story!


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