Introduction to Trains of Thought

Hello friend,

My name is Contessa Z. Jones and i’m new to the blogosphere!! While i’m a bit nervous about this new adventure, i am equally as thrilled, because this site is now home to my musings, poems and stories.
It is my sincere hope that i bring to you a mix of hope, humor, love, drama, mystery, and steamy erotica, explored through the everyday life of the ‘every’ woman!
About me: I live on the upper east side of New York City with my beautiful husband, three amazing children, and the family dog, who we all admit is the love of our lives. I work a full-time ‘9-5’ job in finance and take the subway daily to my office downtown, about 20 minutes each direction, equaling 40 minutes per day. It is during these 40 minutes where i study you… the ordinary, extraordinary NYC rush hour subway crowd! I observe all of you and try to imagine your purpose: Where are you going? Are you happy? Tired? Sick? Single? Hungover?
My 40 daily subway minutes provide plenty of opportunity for my imagination to roam and explore, as i envision the lives that you lead. It is my duty to share my musings, poems and stories with you, all of you, as they are about you… as they are of me.
Friends, my name is Contessa Z. Jones. Please call me Tessa.
Nice to meet you!